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No one has offended you!

Your expectations about people are what really hurt, and you create your expectations with your thoughts. They are not real. They are imaginary.

If you expected your parents to give you more love, you have no reason to feel offended. Only your expectations of what an ideal parent should be were offended. And your ideas are what hurt you.

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If you expected your partner to react in a certain way, your partner has not done anything. What hurts you is the difference between the attentions you expected to receive and the expectations you actually got. Again, that's in your imagination.

Are you angry at God? Your beliefs of what God should be or do are what hurt you. God never offends or hurts anyone.

At birth, we are authentic. But our true nature is artificially suppressed and replaced by concepts that our parents, society and television teach. They create a fake novel of how things should be in all aspects of your life and how others should act. It is a novel that has nothing to do with reality.

Negative experiences leave deeper marks on us than positive experiences. And when a person is mistreated by someone else, the person allows this experience in his/her "inventory." When that person meets someone new, he/she is afraid, and will try to see if the new person will repeat the same attitudes. And the negative inventory continues to grow. It does not allow you to be happy. And as we advance in years, we are less happy, because the negative inventory grows year after year.

One of the biggest aggravations may be trying to impose your views on another person and guiding his life. When you tell a person what to do and that person says "no", you may create a double resentment.

First, you feel offended because that person did not do what you wanted. Second, the other person is offended because you did not accept him/her as he/she really is.

Everyone has a divine right to lead their lives as they please. They will learn from their mistakes. No one belongs to you.

When the British colonists wanted to buy their land to the Redskins, they responded to them, "Buy our lands? They do not belong to us ".

Neither nature, your parents, children, friends or partners belong to you. It's like the flow of water or air. You can not buy them. They are not yours. You can only love them, enjoy them and let them go. As The Beatles would say, "Let it be"! Let the world be and let yourself be too.

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